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Are you constantly overwhelmed and does your life not feel the way you expected?

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You feel stressed, overwhelmed and energetically depleted. You know that you’ve been pouring from an empty cup for way too long. You know there must be another way, one where you can give and receive, where you can state your needs and feelings readily, honestly and know that you are deserving of what you give so freely. Even though you are chronically exhausted, your natural inclination is to give and give, beyond when it begins to hurt. This feels like your wiring, a value you grew up with, maybe part of your spiritual practice.

I am an experienced psychotherapist and I specialize in working with stressed, overwhelmed, empathic and sensitive people to increase confidence and discover tools that work best for you to access inner peace and calm, in the way that you long for.

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People who reach out want helpful tools and coping to access readily, and they want to dive deeply into their lives to shift patterns, increase insight and make meaningful lasting changes.

I specialize in working with those who are sensitive, over-thinking, high-achieving and who are struggling with chronic overwhelm, over-empathy, anxiety, guilt, relationship issues, and imposter syndrome to no longer feel chronically overwhelmed, over-committed and depleted, and to feel more alive, confident and present.

You don’t have to keep trying to just manage, you can thrive.

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