It’s time to reduce the overwhelm, stop doubting yourself and feel more in control of your life.


You are often overwhelmed and exhausted, trying to meet the needs and wants of people in your life. You feel deep empathy for others and you get pleasure from being kind, empathic and caring, and you also know that you give WAY more than you receive in life and this is taking a toll on you.

Working together starts with a consultation call to be sure you feel comfortable. I believe that the therapist-client fit is deeply important to the outcome of the work you do, and research backs that up. Once we begin working together, we will meet weekly for sessions in the beginning, though that can decrease to biweekly, depending on how you’re feeling and the best level of support for wherever you are in that moment.

You can feel more in control, peaceful and alive.

Therapy online in California and Maryland

A little bit about me...

A. I am a human, Plant, and rescue dog mom

B. I love things in my home to look pretty and aesthetically calming and beautiful (because it soothes me!)

C. I love being around nature and find ocean, river and rain sounds calming and comforting.


Just kidding, I wouldn't lie to you!

My home is filled with books and plants and children and rescue dogs and a million different colors, just the way I like it.

reach out

People who reach out are often looking to feel some relief quickly,

 so we look at your goals for therapy and then I’ll share different tools and strategies to help reduce symptoms and overwhelm early on -tools and strategies that I have found to work best for HSPs. We then begin the deeper work, together, around what brought you into therapy. I welcome feedback along the way as it is incredibly useful to know what is most helpful for YOU. Each client is unique and I want to hear from you what feels most beneficial, so that therapy will be tailored to YOU.

Early in therapy together, I’ll share different tools with you, encourage you to try them and see which ones are helpful, so that you’ll have coping strategies at your disposal early in your therapy process. You’ll decide which are especially helpful, and I’ll encourage you to use those daily. We will combine your expertise in yourself with my clinical expertise and work as a team together. 

Clients seem to find it helpful to jot down significant occurrences, thoughts, conflicts, or events that they find impactful and would like to bring up in therapy.

i've noticed...

Clients have shared that they find my approach  helpful, gentle and direct, practical, collaborative, open, respectful, supportive and caring.

I've heard

I specialize in working with people who tend to be a bit more sensitive, easily overwhelmed, perfectionistic, deep thinkers who have a history of looking out for others, before themselves. People who value how kind and helpful they are, yet have some sense that giving at the current pace has or will eventually lead to burnout. You are ready for another way.

Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles -Master’s in Counseling
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in California BBS #6229
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland #LC13139

Education & Licensure

education and trainings

The Highly Sensitive Person in Psychotherapy
Postpartum Support International Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Promoting Culturally Responsive Services
Pupil Personnel Services Credential School Counselor in California 
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trainings
Therapy for Gifted Clients
Autism in Adults
Grief Trainings
Resolving Sexual “Dysfunction”
Kink, Nonmanogamy, & BDSM: What Every Therapist Needs To Know
The Body Keeps the Score Trauma Training
Confidentiality, Laws & Ethics
Motivational Interviewing
Exposure and Ritual Prevention Therapy (ExRP)
Supporting Children Through and After Divorce
Effective Therapy for Adult ADHD
Seeking Safety
Among others

Trainings & Credentials