Therapy for Parents in California and Maryland

Support at any stage of the journey. You are not alone. Know that you are a good mom.

You compare yourself to parents around you and maybe on social media too. You wish that confidence in being a mom came to you as easily as it appears to for others. At times you feel guilty that you are not doing “enough” for your child. You may have a sense that you are not meeting your own needs, maybe you never have fully, or maybe you stopped when you became a parent. 

Having a child feels like a huge responsibility, one that you didn’t fully realize that you were taking on. Some days are SO HARD. You want the best for your child, and you do all that you can to be the “best possible parent,” and simultaneously -deep down -you wonder if you made a big mistake and are not ready to take on the heavy and emotionally charged difficulties that come with motherhood. You care so deeply about your child and you may also have thoughts that make you feel some guilt or shame. You wonder how many other moms have these kinds of thoughts. You place so much pressure on yourself to do more and you are exhausted.

Does it feel like being a mom is not what you thought it would be? 

Online therapy for moms

that many parents who are Highly Sensitive tend to struggle more with the overwhelm and overstimulation after having children for a number of reasons, including the very real new level of noise in your home, chronic overstimulation, sleep deprivation, constantly feeling with your child, and activities, situations, and demands that come with being a mom.

Through my experience, professional and personal, I’ve observed...

If your child is older, then you likely still often do all that you can to ensure their wellbeing, and you feel for them and with them on a deep level. They may ask for space as they get older and this can feel hard, particularly when you bear witness to their struggles.

 The highs of parenting can feel incredible and the lows can feel so hard. Your sensitive child is an empathetic, thoughtful, deep, complex little being that makes your heart swell with joy, and they can also have a meltdown that makes it clear their earth is shaking. I often support HSP moms who are engaged in supporting their children of all different temperaments and abilities -neurodivergent, HSP and neurotypical.

Parenting a sensitive child, or a differently wired child, and being a sensitive parent may present challenges, as well as gifts.

I regularly work with moms who are sensitive, overwhelmed, and struggling with adjusting to their new (or not so new) normal. 

  • Develop more confidence and calm in your role as a parent
  • Reconnect with yourself -your passions, relationships and hobbies
  • Decrease the guilt you feel around taking great care of yourself too
  • Develop strategies to reduce the overwhelm you are experiencing
  • Explore the thoughts that you’re having in a safe judgment-free space 
  • Understand which coping strategies work best for you
  • Get support, know that you’re not alone and things can get much better

Accessing support and prioritizing your needs is an important part of therapy. As a therapist who often works with parents, I work to ensure that we can find a time that works for you. All sessions are held via telehealth and you can use your phone or other device. If you have concerns, let’s talk about it in our consultation call.

I’m so busy. How will I have time for therapy?

Support for any stage of your journey

Yes, daily.

Do you also work with parents whose kids aren’t little anymore?

Support for any stage of your journey

Yes. I’ve completed trainings through Postpartum Support International on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders in parents, Psychotherapy with new parents, as well as trainings on parenting sensitive children, neurodivergent children, gifted children, and I’ve worked as a School Counselor and School-based Therapist in the past as well. I often work with mothers in my practice. 

Do you have specialized training in supporting parents?

Support for any stage of your journey

It is possible to break free from parenting anxiety, perfectionism and guilt.