Anxiety Therapy Online across California and Maryland

Learn to soothe your anxiety and access your calm

When you feel anxious, it can be difficult to feel settled in your body and mind. Anxiety can permeate many areas of your life, and rob you of feeling the joy and peace that you long for. You may have experienced that after working to feel less anxious in one area of life, the anxiety shifts and finds another area of uncertainty in your life and hangs out there for a while; it can feel like anxiety will never go away.

You may feel anxiety within your relationships, about your health, about the health and wellbeing of loved ones, you may worry and wonder if you offended someone or said something in a way that you had not intended, or about finding or keeping a job. You may feel like there is always something to worry about.

Anxiety doesn’t have to get in the way of you living your fullest and best life.

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You know that you have spent countless hours, days and even years of your life feeling anxious and you feel so tired of that way of existing in the world. You long to feel more calm, safe and grounded.

Some people also express anxiety about getting things right enough, kind enough, well enough, thoughtful enough, or perfect enough. 

From my experience, anxiety can be felt differently for each person, and some of the most common ways that it shows up include feeling:

  • On edge and tense
  • Irritable, stressed and overwhelmed
  • Guilty and scared
  • Frazzled and worried
  • A sense of impending doom 
  • Anticipating that bad thing happening that you worry will happen

Anxiety often feels overwhelming and may be impacting your relationships, your work, and your overall quality of life. 

It may feel like worrying is a part of your wiring and how you exist in the world, maybe that has always been true for you. Being stressed and tense throughout much of your body may be a daily thing for you right now. It doesn’t have to stay that way. 

Your nervous system may feel depleted from the many hours it has spent worrying.

Learning to decrease your anxiety, to take its power away, and to feel a greater sense of calm and control over your mind, your body and your life, is impactful across your relationships, your work and how you show up in your life each day.

You can learn to manage your anxiety, so that anxiety does not manage you. 

I will get to know your anxiety, and to understand how it has been working hard to help you feel safe and in control, and how it can also be reducing your quality of life, your goals and dreams. 

Early in our work together, I share different coping strategies with you, and then you keep and use the ones that you find most helpful. As we work together, and you incorporate different tools, as well as practices of mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion, you will begin to have an increased sense of calm in your life. It does take practice, commitment and hard work, and it’s so worth it because this is your life. You want to be able to enjoy it. 

My approach to support you in managing anxiety is to get to know you. 

You can decrease your anxiety, calm your mind and body, and get back to enjoying life.