Some of the things I can help with


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Therapy for the strong and sensitive

I specialize in working with those who are sensitive, over-thinking, often high-achieving and who are struggling with chronic overwhelm, over-empathy, anxiety, social anxiety, guilt, relationship issues, and imposter syndrome to no longer feel chronically overwhelmed, over-committed and depleted, and to feel more alive, confident and present.

From my experience, anxiety can be felt differently for each person, and some of the most common ways that it shows up include feeling:
  • On edge and tense
  • Irritable, stressed and overwhelmed
  • Guilty and scared
  • Frazzled and worried
  • A sense of impending doom 
  • Anticipating that bad thing happening that you worry will happen



HSPs share many reasons why they want to begin therapy, including:
  • A desire to break patterns of chronic overwhelm
  • Struggles with anxiety, social anxiety and depression
  • Problematic dating and relationship patterns
  • Experiencing or anticipating an upcoming major life change
  • Struggling with a lack of connection in your romantic relationship
  • Navigating complex grief, the loss of a loved one, or the loss of something meaningful in life

Highly Sensitive Person


I regularly work with moms who are sensitive, overwhelmed, and struggling with adjusting to their new (or not so new) normal. 
  • Develop more confidence and calm in your role as a parent
  • Reconnect with yourself -your passions, relationships and hobbies
  • Decrease the guilt you feel around taking great care of yourself too
  • Develop strategies to reduce the overwhelm you are experiencing
  • Explore the thoughts that you’re having in a safe judgment-free space 
  • Understand which coping strategies work best for you
  • Get support, know that you’re not alone and things can get much better



Adult Children of Narcissists (ACONs) often struggle with:
  • People pleasing and perfectionism
  • Being an overachiever
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Frequent feelings of fear, guilt and shame
  • Having a core fear that you do not belong
  • A prolonged experience of complex grief

Adult Children of Narcissists


Social/Relational Anxiety Therapy can help you:
  • Feel more calm, connected and confident in your relationships
  • Become more kind and and supportive of yourself
  • Connect with what YOU want in your friendships 
  • Change the way that you talk to and feel about yourself
  • Develop the confidence to create kinder more reciprocal friendships
  • Allow the unique and beautiful person you are to shine in your relationships

Social Anxiety


In therapy together I can help you to:
  • Learn to love yourself more, and you will grow to expect the same of others
  • Set beautiful boundaries that are supportive of you and aligned with your dreams
  • Build a healthy reciprocal relationship that helps you to feel most alive
  • Identify your patterns in relationships that are not working
  • Learn to communicate your wants and needs clearly, knowing that you are deserving and worthy of having them met