Counseling for Social and Relational Anxiety in California & Maryland

Supporting you in being more connected, fulfilled and in community.

You’re not sure if you have social anxiety or relational anxiety, but rewarding and reciprocal relationships feel harder for you than they seem to be for others.

Have you felt scared of being fully seen or have a fear of being found out, believing deep down that you are somehow flawed and not enough?

help with social anxiety

  • Try hard not to upset anyone
  • Worry that people don’t or will not like you
  • Feel scared to be entirely YOU
  • Feel afraid of being judged critically
  • Notice that you are often kind to a fault
  • Constantly worry about offending others
  • Always wish for close or closer relationships
  • Try to be who you think others will find desirable in a friend (or partner)
  • Experience that you are there for people in a way that they are not for you
  • Desire friendships that feel reciprocal, honest, deep, trusting and you can’t quite figure out what is blocking you from having them. You keep trying, but you feel discouraged and know that what you’re doing is not working

Do you...

You might struggle with not knowing your worth, performance reviews, job interviews, and other areas where you are being assessed.

You know somewhere, deep down, that you are truly skilled at the work you do, yet when you have to show up and let someone know how experienced and qualified you are, you become washed over with imposter syndrome and can’t stop thinking about the bits of critical feedback you’ve received, even though you also KNOW that you’ve received glowing feedback before as well.

You are good at the work you do, though sometimes it feels like other people believe in you more than you believe in you.

Social/relational anxiety spills over into your work life often, too

It takes ongoing effort and practice, and a real willingness to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable at times, until it does begin to feel more easy and natural. Clients who fully engage in this process become more aware and skilled at managing their inner critic, and instead speak kindly and motivationally to themselves over time. You can learn to practice self-compassion and mindfulness in order to be aware of how you talk to yourself, real time.

Imagine if your inner voice was kind and uplifting…

This creates a safe confidential space where you can express your innermost fears around friendship, and then we can discuss and, at times, challenge stuck beliefs together. As clients become increasingly comfortable sharing vulnerably, we discuss areas that feel tough, we establish things for you to try until the next time we see each other, explore what you tell yourself about yourself, among many other strategies. In addition to Relational Therapy, I also utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment-based Therapy, as well as Exposure Therapy to support clients to challenge their negative thoughts about themselves, and learn to replace those thoughts that are causing harm and blocking you from living the life you desire. Whether your goal is to build relationships, get more comfortable interviewing for jobs, or deepen friendships that you already have, the space is for you.

When clients struggle with social or relational anxiety we work together through a Relational Therapy approach.

 My approach is relational and I love watching clients grow and develop the relationships that they long for in life. It is hard work, and it takes willingness and commitment, and the payoff is well worth the effort that you put in. 

I will encourage and support you, remind you, and celebrate with you when you do difficult things, and those things that were once so hard are not anymore.

  • Feel more calm, connected and confident in your relationships
  • Become more kind and and supportive of yourself
  • Connect with what YOU want in your friendships 
  • Change the way that you talk to and feel about yourself
  • Develop the confidence to create kinder more reciprocal friendships
  • Allow the unique and beautiful person you are to shine in your relationships

Social/Relational Anxiety Therapy can help you:

You weren’t meant to do life feeling alone. Rewarding relationships are possible.